Opening doors

The first step is always the most difficult. Let Obeco take the hassle out of setting foot in the Swiss markets. Whom to contact? Where to advertise? Which media to target? What are the idiosyncrasies of the Swiss markets? Before you invest in Switzerland, find out about markets which are so diverse and so very different from its neighboring ones.

If it works well in Germany it does not necessarily work well in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. If it works well in France it does not necessarily work well in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. What works well in Italy does not necessarily work well in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. And Switzerland has four national languages. Swiss culture is characterized by diversity.

In order to be successful doing business in Switzerland, you need somebody who knows the country inside out. Being born in and having been raised in Switzerland, Obeco’s founder Oliver is able to open doors in every sense that otherwise might remain closed.

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