You know your business.
Obeco knows how to communicate it in Switzerland.
Just imagine what we will achieve together.

Opening doors

The first step is always the most difficult. Let Obeco take the hassle out of setting foot in the Swiss market. Whom to contact? Where to advertise? Which media to target? What are the idiosyncrasies of the Swiss market? Before you invest in Switzerland, find out about a market which is so diverse and so very different from its neighboring ones.
Find out how Obeco opens doors for you.

Develop communication plans for the Swiss markets or adapt existing ones

Your communication plan needs to be tailor-made for the Swiss markets, where “markets” is deliberately put in plural. Have you got a plan for the German and/or Austrian market and think you can use that for the German-speaking part of Switzerland, too? Think again.
Find out about communication plans by Obeco.

Media and communication training for Switzerland

The media in Switzerland need to be approached the way they are used to be approached. There are some rules to be respected.
Find out about media trainings by Obeco.