Oliver Bertschinger is the founder of Obeco – Fine Swiss Consulting. He was born and has been raised in Switzerland. He has been educated in Switzerland, Singapore and Los Angeles. Oliver has gained extensive experience communicating for small and large companies in both the private and public sector. If anything, he knows how to communicate successfully in Switzerland.

As Swiss citizen, born and raised in his home country, Oliver has deep knowledge about Switzerland’s complex culture. In his native language German he masters even the most delicate linguistic nuances. And he has a thorough understanding of what does and does not work when doing business and politics in Switzerland.

Oliver holds a master degree with a magna cum laude rating in communications management.

Trust is where it all begins” is his guiding theme. Oliver will go the extra mile to earn your trust, and will then stay by your side on your journey to success. He will do whatever it takes so you and your enterprise will be trusted in Switzerland. For the benefit of your business and your future customers in Switzerland.

His services and offers are fully personalized and custom-tailored. All solutions he will come up with will be yours and yours alone.

Learn more about him from Oliver’s profile on LinkedIn.

Obeco’s logo

The logo, a figurative mark with a word, shows a viaduct typical for alpine rail links in Switzerland. They serve as a shortcut between two places which are close, but lay on two sides of an often deep-cut valley. The viaduct makes it easy and comfortable to go from one place to the other, and speeds up the journey significantly.

Its original colors, gold and dark red, represent warmth, nativeness and distinctiveness.

Obeco stands for Oliver Bertschinger – the founder’s name – consulting. Oliver vouches for Obeco‘s services with his name.